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Adaptation of the E-Learning Systems Engineering Method (MISA) to the Tunisian Educational Context via an Iterative Design Approach

EasyChair Preprint no. 8766

18 pagesDate: August 30, 2022


Studies on E-Learning (Brien (1981); Biggs (1981)) have also raised some challenges of the viability of e-Learning Systems (ES), the relevance of pedagogical engineering models such as the model (ADDIE) (Basque, 2004) and pedagogical design methods such as (MISA (paquette, 2002)) which are in turn determined by the organizational conditions and techno-pedagogical skills required by the teacher (Abbassi and Mouelhi, (2007).
It is from these general issues that we have managed to implement an iterative design experiment (Wang and Hannafin, 2005) of SA prototypes designed according to MISA and mobilized during the learning of chronobiology of students in agri-food master's degree via the educational platform of the Virtual University of Tunis. An iterative, didactic, pedagogical and technological analysis of these prototypes allowed us to revise and adapt them to the Tunisian educational context in order to validate, restructure and develop MISA.
This analysis allowed us to maintain the four MISA specifications and some phases and tasks. However we have renamed some phases such as the "definition of the project" phase by "preliminary analysis of the project" and the "realization and validation" phase by "production and validation of the prototype" It is also the creation of new validation links between the knowledge, pedagogical and media models of MISA. It is also a question of inserting new tasks also the characterization of the representations in the identification phase of the project and their consideration in the phases of preliminary analysis of the knowledge estimate and pedagogical estimate.

Keyphrases: analyse itérative, conception itérative, design pédagogique, e-learning, MISA, Modèle ADDIE., Système d’apprentissage en ligne

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