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Investment Opportunities That Can Be Generated by the Production and Distribution of Green Hydrogen for Panama

EasyChair Preprint no. 9145

8 pagesDate: October 26, 2022


The term "green hydrogen" refers to hydrogen generated by segregating the hydrogen from oxygen molecules in the water through an electrolysis process that uses only renewable energy. Its use as an energy vector is an attractive alternative for many countries seeking to minimize the consumption of fossil fuels, as well as the emissions generated in energy production processes and different commercial activities. Panama is also betting on green hydrogen. The National Energy Secretariat published in the official Gazette Phase 1 of Panama's green hydrogen roadmap, which details different strategies to turn Panama into an international green hydrogen hub. A comparison was made between the investment projects that currently exist in countries that have already adopted the use of green hydrogen as an energy vector, and the strategies presented in this roadmap; in order to explain the usefulness of green hydrogen in activities that result in investments for Panama. For this purpose, was necessary to realize a literature review of national, regional and global reports on this topic. Once completed, was possible to conclude that investments related to green hydrogen in Panama should take advantage of the logistics infrastructure of the Canal; the options with the greatest potential were production and distribution of green hydrogen, which includes industries such as: naval, aeronautics, and mining; in addition to hydrogen plants that enhance the use of hydrogen-powered transportation.)

Keyphrases: distribution, Energy, Green Hydrogen, investments, Opportunities, production, renewable energy

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