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Electronic Payment with NFC Technology

EasyChair Preprint no. 7516

6 pagesDate: February 27, 2022


Today, the provision of various financial services through various electronic portals has been considered by banks and financial institutions. Accordingly, one of the priorities of banks today is to provide electronic payment services, and for this reason, many solutions have been proposed to provide these services. In recent years, NFC technology, which is a standard wireless method for connecting electronic devices at close distances, has been considered by financial institutions, payment service providers, SIM card manufacturers, operators and mobile phone manufacturers to implement electronic payment services. And various solutions have been proposed for the implementation of electronic payment systems based on this technology

NFC is a low-range wireless communication technology (approximately 4 to 10 cm). In this article, NFC technology and methods of using it are introduced and different methods of implementing electronic payment systems using this technology will be described.

Keyphrases: electronic payment systems, financial security, financial transactions, mobile payment, NFC

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