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Mobile Application for Assessing Quality of Life in the Elderly

EasyChair Preprint no. 2999

9 pagesDate: March 19, 2020


The population aging process has been a growing target of research in recent decades and several factors are related to the quality of life (QOL) of the elderly. This was a field research, with a qualitative/quantitative investigative approach with elderly people who attend the computer course and who never had contact with computer classes, whose objective was to transform the internationally validated questionnaires WOQOL-OLD and WOQOL-BREF into an application mobile (APP) for assessing QOL in the elderly, create a WEB module to manage the information obtained, validate the APP through usability and functionality tests and assess the QOL of elderly people with 40 elderly people who are not and who are not included in information technology. Participants individually received a smartphone with the APP for assessing QOL properly installed and a questionnaire to satisfy user interaction (QUIS) printed for APP validation. The results showed that the transformation of the WOQOL-OLD and WOQOL-BREF questionnaires into APP was a pioneering experience to facilitate, in a standardized and systematic way, the assessment of QOL in the elderly, concluding that the WHOQOL APP developed in this study has great potential to make research with QoL of the elderly faster and safer compared to the conventional way.

Keyphrases: Aging, Technology, WHOQOL-BREF, WHOQOL-OLD

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