Towards an Order and Category Theoretic Model of Java Generics (extended version)

EasyChair Preprint no. 3631, version history

VersionDatePagesVersion notes
1June 17, 202017
2June 21, 202018

Use limits of slices and colimits of coslices to define free types and cofree types, respectively.

Keyphrases: adjunctions, Bounded existential types, category theory, cofree type, Coinductive F-bounded existential types, default type, default type argument, existential type, F-algebras, F-bounded existential types, F-bounded polymorphism, F-coalgebras, fixed point, Free and cofree types, Free Type, Galois connections, generic class, generic oop, generic oop type system, generics, Interval Type, interval type argument, Java type erasure, Java Wildcards, mathematical modeling, Nominal Typing, object-oriented programming, OO Inheritance, OO Subtyping, oo type system, oop language, order theory, Ordered sets and lattices, parameterized type, partial products, post fixed point, pre fixed point, Structural-Typing, Subclassing, subtyping relation, valid type argument, Variance Annotations, wildcard type argument

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