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The computing power of Turing machine based on quantum logic

11 pagesPublished: June 22, 2012


Turing machines based on quantum logic can solve undecidable
problems. In this paper we will give recursion-theoretical
characterization of the computational power of this kind of quantum
Turing machines. In detail, for the unsharp case, it is proved that
when the truth value lattice is locally finite and the operation &#8743
is computable, where
L<sup>T</sup><sub>d</sub>(&#949,&#931)(L<sup>T</sup><sub>w</sub>(&#949,&#931))denotes the
class of quantum language accepted by these Turing machine in
depth-first model (respectively, width-first model);
for the sharp case, we can obtain similar results for usual orthomodular lattices.

Keyphrases: quantum logic, super-Turing computational power, Turing machine

In: Andrei Voronkov (editor). Turing-100. The Alan Turing Centenary, vol 10, pages 278--288

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