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Lexical Semantics with Linear Types

12 pagesPublished: July 7, 2015


We have proposed a framework based upon the λ -calculus with higher-order intuitionistic types for the symbolic computation of the semantic analysis, integrating lexical data. This proposal is sufficient for many phenomena and accurately incorporates lexical semantics by the means of type theory, but some issues linger in the linguistic data. In the present paper, we revisit this proposal with a version of the λ -calculus based upon higher-order linear types, that aims to resolve those issues and present an integrated framework for meaning assembly.

Keyphrases: compositional semantics, Higher-Order Linear Intuitionistic Logic, lambda calculus, lexical semantics

In: Makoto Kanazawa, Larry Moss and Valeria de Paiva (editors). NLCS'15. Third Workshop on Natural Language and Computer Science, vol 32, pages 39--50

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