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Towards the Creation of a Web-based Platform "Bike Sharing" in the Local Transport System

EasyChair Preprint no. 5018

12 pagesDate: February 24, 2021


Every day there are more and more new services, which differ significantly from their predecessors in functionality, speed, user interface, in addition, support and updating of old services. All this determines the relevance of the implementation of the web-based national platform "Bike sharing" and is a reason to pay special attention to the possibility of creating a city cycling system and its mobile support by creating a mobile application. The aim of the study is to form a conceptual approach for creating a Web-based platform "Bike sharing" to meet the diverse transport needs of cities and their users based on the formalization of the components of business processes. The tasks of the work are: analysis of foreign experience of city bicycle rental; identifying the advantages and disadvantages of existing bicycle rental systems; description and research of business processes based on existing systems. The article presents the concept of renting city bicycles based on foreign experience in the operation of transport infrastructure, the stability of the technology platform, optimization of bicycle distribution). During the research, IDEF0 notation diagrams show business processes of city bicycle rental systems (activity of bicycle rental service, customer registration, service payment), based on existing services. The effect of such business processes will be characterized by studying an array of security documents of different countries and open sources of scientific and technical information in order to identify among them a description of a technical solution similar to the studied, which will be the basis of promising.

Keyphrases: Bicycle rental, bicycle rental service, bicycle rental system, Bicycle sharing system, bicycle system, bike sharing, business process, Business Processes, city bicycle, Context Diagram, Local transport system, modeling, platform bike sharing, public transport, rental point, service, transport infrastructure, transport system, web based national platform, web based platform bike

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