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Implementation of Lean Construction Techniques to Minimize Waste and Cost of the Project

EasyChair Preprint no. 7630

5 pagesDate: March 28, 2022


Lean construction is a useful management approach for increasing productivity in the construction industry. More study is being done on this, and the process of transferring lean principles from the manufacturing to the construction industries is still underway. Construction projects entail a variety of risk variables, each of which has a different influence on the time goal, potentially resulting in time overruns and waste. Using lean construction concepts, this study proposes and implements a novel approach for reducing risk variables' impact on time and waste. The last planner system is used in lean design to identify the difficulties that arise in the construction sector, where resource management and scheduling are the main concepts.In this study, the last planner system is employed to apply the lean construction approach. The impact of adopting the new tool is measured using two metrics: percent anticipated time overrun (PET) and percent plan accomplished (PPC). While PET is calculated at the start of the project and at some point throughout the assignment execution, the most critical risk variables are recognised and appraised. In this research, we investigate the many types of techniques and tools used in projects, as well as methods to eliminate waste, and numerous risk factors that may contribute to project time-overrun and cost increases, using a questionnaire survey.

Keyphrases: Lean Construction, Lean Techniques, tools for lean construction, waste last planner system

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