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Development of Local Level Storm Surge Hazard Maps for Potential Use in Storm Surge Evacuation and Development Planning

EasyChair Preprint no. 8974

26 pagesDate: October 3, 2022


The eastern seaboard of the Philippines is highly exposed to tropical cyclones. The hazards associated with typhoons consist of strong winds, storm surges and heavy rains-causing floods and or landslides. In order to assess the disaster vulnerability of local communities to storm surge hazard, a case study was carried out on the generation of Storm Surge Hazard Maps for Selected Typhoon Bopha (Pablo) affected areas in Regions 10 and 11 in the eastern coastal plain of Mindanao area. The methodology employed in this project involved: storm surge model simulation of the Typhoon Bhopa, field works, analysis and mapping. The work was carried out using the LiDAR derived Digital Elevation Model (DEM) to identify inundation depths and extents and utilizing ArcGIS software for the analysis. The numerical simulations used to come up with the storm surge hazard maps include the JMA Storm Surge Model, Delft3D, XBeach and the SWAN Model for the offshore wave heights. Results from the models were then ground validated and pertinent data related to Typhoon Pablo were also gathered. Interviews with residents with personal accounts of the storm surge event and measurements of high water marks were gathered to determine the correctness of the initial storm surge hazard maps. Topographic survey using Real Time Kinematic Global Navigational Satellite System (RTK-GNSS) was also collected in the municipalities of Boston, Cateel, and Baganga in Davao Oriental to capture relevant natural and anthropogenic topographic features such as beach face, dunes and seawalls. The storm surge hazard maps produced in this project basically show on a local or barangay level showing the inundation depths and extents to raise the awareness and understanding of the general public of the storm hazard threat and as an effective tool for local authorities for development planning and regulatory processes.

Keyphrases: development planning, field validation, LiDAR, Storm Surge Hazard Map, Typhoon Bopha

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