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The Effect on Nitrogen Oxide Emission from Agricultural Soils

EasyChair Preprint no. 3522

10 pagesDate: May 30, 2020


The study investigates the effect of biochar on nitrous oxide emission in Endoargic Anthrosols in the southern territory of the Russian Far East. Biochar (bio-charcoal) was applied in the amounts of 1 kg/m² and 3 kg/m² in combination with organic and mineral fertilizers to drained and drain-free fields during the vegetation season, and the five-gas analyzer G2508 (Picarro) was used. Cumulative flows of N2O were estimated. The analysis revealed that biochar reduces the emissions and the cumulative flow of nitrous oxide. The higher the dose of biochar, the lower the emission and cumulative flows of nitrous oxide, regardless of a drainage system. Biochar (1 kg/m²) reduced the cumulative N2O flow from the soil by 52.2% throughout the experiment conducted, while a dose of 3 kg/m² allowed for 97.8% reduction. The study found that organic and mineral fertilizers can be effectively used in combination with biochar, as N2O emission from the soil with mineral fertilizers is significantly higher than from the soil with organic fertilizers. Biochar (1 kg/m²) combined with organic fertilizers reduces N2O emission by 53.7%, while a dose of 3 kg/m² can reduce emissions by 88.9%. Biochar (1 kg/m²) combined with mineral fertilizers reduced the flow of N2O by 17.5%, while a 3 kg/m² dose of biochar used with mineral fertilizers reduced the emission by 85.3%. The difference in N2O emissions between drained and drain-free soils was distinct only in the first two months after applying biochar, as a drainage system did not influence the biochar input, and the emissions dropped in both variants.

Keyphrases: Biochar, Endoargic Anthrosols (Endoclayic), nitrogen oxide emissions, Russian Far East

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