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Prefeasibility Economic Scrutiny of the on-Grid Hybrid Renewable System for City Electrification

EasyChair Preprint no. 6236

10 pagesDate: August 5, 2021


In particular, in developing countries, such as India, renewable sources' contribution to the entire energy mix is increasing rapidly. The comparative cost-effectiveness of off-grid development is that the available local surplus resources can be used at or without equal costs. Renewable energy sources are valuable and sustainable sources as they are produced from fuels, which are inexhaustible. Many forms of renewable energy do not pollute the environment or emit greenhouse gas. The increasing popularity of renewable sources makes them important in the planning of microgrids in the future. This paper focuses on emerging giant India and explores grid integration using intelligent grid technology to produce renewable resources. The integration will be investigated with the simulation using HOMER for the best energy-and emission-based systems. Based on this study, stabilization and sustainable energy supply for the appropriate villages for the optimal hybrid power generation off-grid solution are found in the Levelised Electricity Cost.

Keyphrases: Hybrid power generation, Levelised Electricity Cost, Microgrid., Sustainable Energy

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