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RFID Based Money Wallet for Parking Lots

EasyChair Preprint no. 3007

8 pagesDate: March 22, 2020


With the fast proliferation of motors availability and utilization in latest years, locating a vacant parking area is becoming more difficult, ensuing in some of realistic conflicts. This is about creating a reliable system that takes over the mission of figuring out unfastened slots in a parking location and maintaining the document of cars parked very correctly. This mission reduces human effort on the parking location to superb extent consisting of in case of looking of unfastened slots by means of driver and calculating the payment for every car using parking place with the aid of money wallet. The diverse steps concerned in this operation are vehicle identification, unfastened slot detection and fee calculation. Vehicle identity is carried out the usage of RFID, unfastened slot detection is finished using display and fee calculation is achieved on the premise of length of parking.Here we are connecting all the sensors to Raspberry pi to detect RFID Tag and deduct the fee from the money wallet.

Keyphrases: Money Wallet, Raspberry Pi, RFID

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