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Local Soundness for QBF Calculi

EasyChair Preprint no. 362

20 pagesDate: July 20, 2018


We develop new semantics for resolution-based calculi for Quantified Boolean Formulas, covering both the CDCL-derived calculi and the expansion-derived ones. The semantics is centred around the notion of a partial strategy for the universal player and allows us to show in a local, inference-by-inference manner that these calculi are sound. It also helps us understand some less intuitive concepts, such as the role of tautologies in long-distance resolution or the meaning of the ``star'' in the annotations of IRM. Furthermore, we show that a clause of any of these calculi can be, in the spirit of Curry-Howard correspondence, interpreted as a specification of the corresponding partial strategy. The strategy is total, i.e. winning, when specified by the empty clause.

Keyphrases: IRM-calc, long-distance resolution, partial strategy, QBF calculi, semantics, strategies, winning strategy

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