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Digital Steganography

EasyChair Preprint no. 6019

3 pagesDate: July 5, 2021


Maintaing confidentiality of data is very crucial in large corporations beacuse there is lot of chance to hack the data by the hackers. So securing information is very important. For exchnaging secret information we already have cryptography which is successful transmitting this information to required destination. But,it will give a suspicion to the hackers and it affects unintended users. This project Digital Steganography overcomes this factor and provides a solution for exchanging the secret infromation without affecting unintended users. This steganography uses multimedia data for covering secret information. By using this, data which is the secret infromation can hide within multimedia data such as image. This can be sent anywhere and transfers the message easily without giving suspicion to others.

Keyphrases: Multimedia, Secret Information, Steganography

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