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Intelligent Convergence: Neural Networks, IoT, and Strategic IT Supply Chain Execution

EasyChair Preprint no. 12079

7 pagesDate: February 12, 2024


This paper explores the dynamic intersection of Neural Networks, Internet of Things (IoT), and strategic Information Technology (IT) supply chain execution to foster intelligent convergence. The integration of these technologies has become imperative for organizations seeking enhanced efficiency and competitiveness. We delve into the profound impact of this convergence on building intelligent systems, particularly in the context of supply chain management. The study also investigates the potential of this synergy in fostering strategic execution, with a focus on mergers and acquisitions in the IT supply chain, effective sales strategies, and the unique challenges posed by the sales of medical devices in the SAP supply chain.

Keyphrases: Intelligent Convergence, Internet of Things (IoT), IT supply chain, medical devices, Mergers and Acquisitions, neural networks, Sales Strategies, Strategic Execution

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