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Statistical Analysis of the Conceptual Metaphors in Divan of Hafiz and Bustan of Sa'adi

EasyChair Preprint no. 7769

23 pagesDate: April 12, 2022


From the traditional perspective, metaphor would be regarded as a literary and ornamental device. Hence, the poets would resort merely to metaphor for the purpose of creativity. Many famous Persian poets such as Attar, Moulana, Sa’adi and Hafiz focused on mystical literature. An important question is that weather the views of these poets regards to using conceptual metaphors differ or not. In this research we response to this question by using statistics and data mining techniques. For this purpose, the poems of Divan of Hafiz and Bustan of Sa'adi, two famous Persian poets, are studied. At first, the conceptual metaphors of these books separately investigate by using data visualization technique. Then, the conceptual metaphors given in these books are compared by applying data visualization technique and chi-square test. The results show that these books are significantly different from each other in view of applied conceptual metaphors.

Keyphrases: conceptual metaphor, data analysis, data visualization, Hafiz, Saadi, statistics, text analysis, text mining

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