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Toward Quantum Photonic Computers; Thinking May Not be Realized by Digital Computers

EasyChair Preprint no. 935

14 pagesDate: April 28, 2019


Experts at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have dreamed for more than half a century of autonomous thinking machines. But there’s no hope that scientists can develop digital machines, capable of thinking process. They will never replace human mind in thinking. Simply we, ourselves are not logic machines. “I’m not a robot”! Human being have an intuitive intelligence cognition and consciousness that reasoning digital machines can not match. We should abandon some dogmas both in physics and computer technology. “Duality” in physics and “Digital Hardware” for High Performance Computing (HPC), both have failed when being applied in this area, no matter how many billions of dollars, world governments, invest in them. In this paper, at first, basic features for possible realization of thinking HPC machine using Quantum Optical Computer (QOC) versus classical digital computer will be discussed. Then we’ll propose quantum optical processors work according to Quantum Photonic (QP) treatment which is based on corpuscular nature of light. Photons refraction phenomenon when travel through the interface between two different transparent solids will be simulated according to QP. Results, follow successfully from experimental measurements. If photons, as signal carriers in QOC be tracked by controlling Short Range Interatomic Forces (SRIF) in solids, then realization of QP computers (QPC), will be possible. It means QPC or QOC, will be accessible for HPC. Since QPC behaves in physics prin-ciple, more similarly to human brain in comparison with classical digital computers.

Keyphrases: Artificial Intelligence (AI), attosecond time scale, Bohmian mechanics, cognition, columbic nucleus force, Consciousness, hidden variable, Hidden variables., optical vander lugt filter, quantum computer, quantum photonic, quantum photonic computer, Quantum Photonic Computers (QPC), short range interatomic force, Thinking Machine

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