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Design quality assurance in cultural heritage restoration

EasyChair Preprint no. 571

6 pagesDate: October 11, 2018


This study addressed the problem of quality assurance of scientific design documentation intended for cultural heritage restoration projects. The quality assurance systems, currently used by restoration companies in Russia, were considered. Such systems have disadvantages, implicated by the specific nature of restoration projects. It was proposed to introduce an additional quality assurance element, namely, appraisal of design solutions by a scientific methodological council. The main purpose and principles of the council’s work were formulated. The proposal was tested by implementing such council in the quality assurance procedure of a Moscow restoration and design company in 2016-2018. The main criterion of the council’s efficiency was the percentage of positive conclusions of the Historical-Cultural State Expert Review, obtained on the first try. By the end of the second year of the council’s work, this indicator increased by 30% and approached 100%. The finding of this research can be of interest to restoration companies and specialised organization that develop quality management systems.

Keyphrases: cultural heritage object, design documentation, quality assurance, scientific methodological council

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