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A Novel Low Loss, Medium Gain CI Based DC-DC Boost Converter

EasyChair Preprint no. 9699

5 pagesDate: February 14, 2023


In metropolitan cities and smart cities pollution has been increased due to population, urbanization, and industrialization. As per the statistics of india,70% of air pollution is due to transportation. An environmentally friendly is a step toward rising living standards for future generations in promoting green transportation. One such alternative is electrified transportation, wherein governments and automotive industries should encourage usage of electric vehicles (EVs). Due to ignorance, fire incidents, storage limitations, charging times, and a lack of infrastructure still transportation is relying on engines powered by gasoline and its by-products. So, to overcome one of the limitations, a novel CI based DC-DC converter is presented in this paper. This DC-DC converter has unique, simple, and compact structure for medium gain applications. The proposed converter has few elements like coupled inductor, one controlled and two uncontrolled switches. This proposed converter is feasible for high potential converter for onboard charger, electrical drive system and fast charging infrastructure. A mathematical study was done to determine the requisite duty cycle, inductance, and capacitance values to obtain the desired gain. The CI based converter is simulated in MATLAB Simulink environment under open loop and closed loop.

Keyphrases: Coupled Inductor(CI), DC-DC converter, Electric Vehicles (EVs), Energy Storage System (ESS)

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