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Data Exchange in Heterogeneous Databases in KSA Using Cloud Computing

EasyChair Preprint no. 1916

5 pagesDate: November 11, 2019


Most institutions in Saudi Arabia, of all types, commercial, medical, social and government agencies, have cloud computing technology. Thus, there is a large amount of heterogeneous data available, which has become a significant obstacle to the query process and direct access to information. Therefore, heterogeneous data processing has become a new challenge for Saudi Arabia in computational computing. We know that different data processing in local environments is not an easy process, as there are difficulties in traditional database management systems (DBMS), as the situation is more complicated, more complex, in cloud computing environments. Many companies in the IT industry are interested in addressing this situation, producing many technologies to deal with it. This paper aims to develop a methodology for standardized data access in heterogeneous data systems. This allows users to query and interact with different structural databases. And make the most of the enormous amount of information stored. The main objective of the paper is to help users as well as developers to access data, in different databases, as a single database, easily, saving time, effort and cost, with a single click.

Keyphrases: Cloud., Databases, DBMS, Heterogeneous

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