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Cyclic Matter-Energy Phasic Equivalence

EasyChair Preprint no. 9825, version 2

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3 pagesDate: March 8, 2023


Einstein described matter and energy as the same thing, matter being energy condensed to a slow vibration. Physical theories today use continuous motion, time, and dimensionality of matter yet problems persist in understanding observed discrete quantum phenomena. This article introduces a novel discrete modeling system for classical (non-relativistic) and quantum mechanics, capable of maintaining a quantum continuum using cyclic signaling and concept phasic transitions. The model describes a hypothesized limit for matter that does not necessitate a limit for information or equivalent energy in a continuum. The model uses a zero-D point (without mass, matter, or energy) as a relative location. Integrals of displacement utilize dimensional geometric metrics, instead of derivatives. Considerations suggest that as speed/vibration increases, a threshold is reached whereby matter begins a phasic transition into stable equivalent energy. A continuum exists for an object’s matter-energy equivalence travelling in a loop with rotational (orbit-like) motion and cyclic phasic transitions between matter-energy states. Adding straight-line motion postulates a coil concept with rotating 2D waves in circular polarization, the speed of light barrier, particle-wave-duality, and measured particles in straight line. Expressed change in the model uses geometric outputs in a point of discrete time. Measurable relative cyclic signals can assign discrete time points and sets relative sample and frame (more than one sample) periods, limited by technology not definition. A temporal period frame of reference is unique to both inertial and observer frames of reference. A cyclic coil concept combined with phasing of matter-energy is explored in relation to strong and weak interactions using a single description. The concept also briefly considers alignment with phenomena showing strong forces diminishing at higher energies.

Keyphrases: COIL, discrete-time, matter-energy, phasic

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