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Clinical Decision Support System: Characteristics, Effectiveness and Challenges

EasyChair Preprint no. 3904

8 pagesDate: July 18, 2020


From the first related documentation in 1950s, there are progressive increase of studies and researches about these systems to support clinicians and health professionals in decision-making. This paper shows a brief summary about Clinical decision support system (CDSS), focusing on definitions, characteristics, effectiveness and challenges. Besides the classification based on computer-science methodology, this study also provides certain positive outcomes of CDSS as well as current constraints following with solutions for the future’s improvement.

Keyphrases: Challenges, characteristics, clinical decision, clinical decision making, Clinical Decision Support, Clinical Decision Support System, clinical practice, computer based clinical decision, computerized clinical decision support, computerized physician order entry, computerized system, decision support, Decision Support System, effectiveness, Health Information Technology, knowledge-based system, literature review, machine learning, methodology, non knowledge based system, practitioner performance

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