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Health Risk Management Using AI

EasyChair Preprint no. 10169

12 pagesDate: May 15, 2023


This report contains all the details about the project Health Assistant. Now a days AI are replacing many jobs that are difficult for a human to manage and I believe Health Assistant also falls under the same. Health Assistant requires to monitor the patient 24x7, which is quite difficult for a human. We already have various devices that measure the heart rate, sleep, and exercises. These data will be useful when user is interacting with our health assistant. This project will create an assistant that will give advice and prescription to the user about their health. User can ask small query that do not require extreme expertise of the doctor. Good health can be achieved by maintaining good behaviors such as good health, night sleep, enough exercise and good nutrition. However the competitive environment nowadays prevent such good environment. Our assistant will be there to answer the queries about the users cause of irritation and ill health problem. Assistant will also provide necessary prescription and suggestion of doctor relevant to the cause. Virtual Assistants take care of patients' needs as well as maintain their health records. The demand for AI is increasing rapidly in Health factors to maintain the big records. Our Virtual Assistant helps you by a user interface by which you talk it with your disease so that it understands your disease by your symptoms and provide you medicine for a specific disease, maintain your health record and perfect diet by machine learning algorithms also if you want it makes your appointment with the doctor your specific area by which you contact with your doctor. NLP makes an interface by which virtual Assistants work on human data. Health Assistant will provide you 24x7 service and gives you expert recommendation on your problem to make you feel happy.

Keyphrases: AI-Artificial intelligence ., ML-Machine Learning ., NLP-Natural language processing.

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