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A-Review Patient Health Monitoring System based on IoT and Raspberry PI

EasyChair Preprint no. 6037

12 pagesDate: July 9, 2021


Presently nowadays health problems like a cardiovascular failure, lung failure& heart maladies expanding step by step because the population increase. Because of these issues, time to time health tacking is extremely vital. a wise idea is the health observance of patients wirelessly. This paper proposes a health observance System that monitors important parameters of the patient like temperature and pulses utilizing sensors likewise as Fitbit that are associated with the raspberry pi board.This undertaking includes cautioning the specialists through SMS if any essential parameters of the patient stray from the typical esteem.Raspberry Pi is not as a detector node however additionally a controller here. The Rasberry Pi acts as an individual server that logs the small print of the patient’s prescription.The patient is shipped reminders to require the medicines through SMS in keeping with prescribed by a doctor.

Keyphrases: Health Monitoring System, Internet of Things, Raspberry Pi

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