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Reactivity of Raw Materials for Optimization of Portland Cement Clinker Composition

EasyChair Preprint no. 2885

5 pagesDate: March 6, 2020


The northernmost territory of Uzbekistan is the Republic of Karakalpakstan, which occupies a vast territory, characterized by a variety of climatic conditions. To create the technological basis for the construction of new cement plants in the northern region, it is necessary to conduct complex technological tests of the cement raw materials of existing deposits with the issuance of optimal chemical and technological parameters for the formation of the composition of the raw mixes and their firing modes. For research work, limestone clays of the Dzhamansaysky deposit, basaltic rock of the Berkuttau section of the Kempirsaysky deposit and cinder of the Almalyk mining and metallurgical plant were used as starting materials.

The reactivity in various ratios of raw mixes and the optimization of compositions for laboratory tests were studied. Raw mixtures in various material compositions were studied for reactivity by firing in the temperature range (1000-1450)°C and subsequent analysis of the firing products for the residual content of free calcium oxide. The firing of tablet samples (d = h = 20) mm was carried out in a laboratory silica furnace with sampling in the temperature range (1000-1450)°C and 1450°C with a holding time of 30 min. According to the data set forth in table. 1., we can conclude that the processes of formation and assimilation of free calcium oxide in raw materials based on the tested raw materials proceed intensively.

The maximum amount of free calcium oxide is observed at a temperature of 1000 ° C. With increasing firing temperature, the content of free CaO sharply reduced due to the onset of mineral formation processes.

Firing products synthesized at a temperature of 1450°C with 30 min exposure do not contain free CaO, which indicates its complete assimilation during the formation of clinker phases.

Keyphrases: Basalt, clay, Clinker, Firing, Limestone, raw mixes, reactivity

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