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Social Media and Customer Engagement on Vehicle Usage: an Optimists Approach

EasyChair Preprint no. 7164

7 pagesDate: December 7, 2021


The changing online environment across the globe has impacted various walks of consumer life. An ongoing investigation of the online impact on consumption is evident worldwide. School of thoughts such as technology shapes value, attitude and pattern or vice versa is not a new debate. Consumer’s connectivity among themselves are far more impactful because of social networks. The social media and networking sites have given enough room and access to the marketers as well as consumers to create content which are readily available to the consumers. The time spent by consumers on the online domains has thrown challenges to marketers in order to segregate favourable and unfavourable aspects of their products or services. Therefore, marketers need to go back to their board room in order to carve out new marketing plan keeping social media as their focus. This study makes an attempt to investigate the relationship between the communication on social networks and its effect on purchase intention and more specifically the impact on young consumers with special reference to the automobile purchase in India. The integrated model developed in the study can be useful for academicians and industry practitioners.

Keyphrases: Customer Engagement, social media, Vehicle usage

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