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On Food Security and Approaches to Achieve It in the Kyrgyz Republic

EasyChair Preprint no. 4628

7 pagesDate: November 23, 2020


The world population is growing rapidly and itis becoming a challenge to food security and nutrition. There is a strong tendency for urban population increase, which is more a consumer than food producer in large volumes. Crop productivity is still low in Kyrgyzstan. In 2019, grain crop yields were 32.1 c/ha, wheat - 25.1 c/ha, barley - 22.7 c/ha, corn - 66.1 c/ha, sugar beet - 514.8 c/ha, vegetable crops - 198.7 c/ha, fruit and berry crops - 52.9 c/ha. In the total volume of agricultural production in 2019, crop production was - 50.1%, livestock - 47.3%, forestry - 0.2%, fisheries - 0.2% and services - 2.2%. Peasant farms and private subsidiary farms accounted for 95.8% of total output. Over 60% of arable land in the countryare affected by water and wind erosion, about 50% of pastures are degraded. Out of nine basic food security products, there are insufficient meat and meat products (62.8%), fruits and berries (21.6%), eggs (47.1%), sugar (89.2%). There is also insufficiency in vegetable oils. For other basic products (potatoes, vegetables and melons, milk and dairy products) there is sufficient supply. Demand for bread and bakery products is metby imports from Kazakhstan.

Keyphrases: food security, land, nutrition, population, yield

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