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Control System Development for Hybrid Generator Project

EasyChair Preprint no. 1258

4 pagesDate: July 3, 2019


Hybrid generator is one of the renewable energy project that have been developed to solve the problem of accessibility the electricity and its cost. The project can be classified as one of the green technology project as the main resource of this project in producing the electricity comes from the magnetic induction from the solenoid. The force from the magnetic induction of the solenoid will converts into the mechanical energy and then will be converts once again into electrical energy through the generator. Parallel to the development of this hybrid generator projects, it need the controller system to control their input-output power supply and operate as a monitoring system to display all the activities and data in the system. The controller in this project involved with certain parameter which are current, temperature, humidity, speed and capacity of the voltage storage in the system. ACS 712 current sensor is used in measuring the current flow, DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor is used as to identify the temperature of possible heat point in the system, IR module sensor as the revolution per minute rpm counter and Arduino Atmega 2560 is used as a microcontroller of the system. Every details of the parameter will be display on the monitor from the output of each sensor through the platform of an open source which is Node Red.  This controller system comprises with the Raspberry Pi as computing device in programming the system. Through this controller system, the hybrid generator will be easier to be access and user-friendly, thus provide high efficiency and will be a good source of electricity to the society and environment. For the future study, this controller system can be developed with more functioning units and easier to be access corresponding to the development of industry revolution 4.0.

Keyphrases: control system, Data monitoring System, hybrid generator, renewable energy

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