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A Survey on Mobile Edge Computing: Focusing on Computation Offloading and Resource Allocation

EasyChair Preprint no. 3996

17 pagesDate: August 2, 2020


Driven by vision of the Internet of Things devices and cloud server communications, in recent decade of years centralized cloud computing shifted into the distributed cloud computing towards Mobile edge computing. Due to frequent communications devices and cloud server may cause the execution delay and Maximize the latency. The Mobile Edge Computing provides computing and storage at the edge of the network, which enables to reduce latency time and resource allocation. The main aspect of Mobile Edge Computing is to focus on the Offloading, Orchestration, Resource Allocation. The Computation offloading plays crucial role in Mobile Edge computing. In edge computing offloading to be done at the gateway of the origin device itself, and resource allocation processed through the dynamic task partitioning.  In this paper, an extensive survey about the mobile edge computing offloading, Resource Allocation, Orchestration hierarchy, Framework and Network placement, and also discuss about the edge server placement and accessibility in both physical and virtual environment.

Keyphrases: communication offloading., computation offloading, Edge Computing

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