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A Novel Algorithm for Free-Form Surface Modeling in Product Design and Prototyping

EasyChair Preprint no. 8642

8 pagesDate: August 11, 2022


The product design methodology has undergone rapid changes during the last decade due to developments in different manufacturing technologies like 3D printing/additive manufacturing. However, the design process is still lagging in innovation for new opportunities like medical devices, jewelry design, garment design, etc. The conventional product design approach starts by sketching a planar profile and then sweeping or extruding that 2D profile along a well-defined path. Because of diversified and rapid development in product design, sketching is no more restricted to a planar surface. The custom products like clothing and jewelry often need a non-planer 3D profile or path to be drawn on a free-form object. To the best of our knowledge, there is not much work accomplished to address this design requirement. Even commercial software does not have enough functionality to overcome this limitation. A novel method is presented in this paper to overcome this limitation by utilizing an intermediate representation of the freeform object. For free-form surface modeling, the user can directly draw a 3D profile or path on any arbitrary shape. Results from an implementation tested on various free-form shapes are presented.

Keyphrases: CAD, product design, Prototyping, sketching

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