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Positive Impact of Psychoneurobics Techniques in Inculcating Health & Wellness

EasyChair Preprint no. 10261

8 pagesDate: May 25, 2023


This research ordeal primarily pays heed on the age old adage “Healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. At the outset, it sounds really simple, but it takes Herculean endeavours in building a healthy and holistic body sans any ailment. Health is a diverse term that encapsulates not only the physical health but primarily the mental well-being of an individual. A sufferer despite whatever ailment he is encountering; the root cause of all illness is stress. Existing in this mechanical humdrum world, every individual in the rat race of hoarding financial security is pressurised with unnecessary stress resulting in psychosomatic diseases, which further complicates the problem. Here comes the import of Psychoneurobics which is a Pseudoscience that directly assists the candidate in building communion with the Divine energy- the main source of energy via some trusted and captivating techniques and strategies in inculcating health and wellness in the aspirant. The current research paper will apprise about the Psychoneurobics techniques like Sound therapy, Colour therapy, Psychoneurobics Spa, etc in developing a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Keyphrases: Balanced, Herculean, Psychoneurobics, Psychoneurobics Spa, Psychosomatic, wellness

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