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Augmentation of Novel Algorithm for Secured Information Hiding with Pixel Mapping

EasyChair Preprint no. 5110

6 pagesDate: March 9, 2021


Information Hiding is one of the difficult issues in the field of Network Security. In contrast to cryptography, Steganography is utilized to shroud the presence of mystery messages by installing the message behind any spread item like picture, text, sound, video documents. Different creators proposed, different techniques for concealing mystery data behind dark scale pictures, for example, least noteworthy strategy, dim level adjustment, pixel esteem differencing, pixel planning strategy, and pixel planning technique with BPCS, yet all these techniques are not up to the imprints that implies expanding the installing limit of Steno Image and to furnish Steno-Image with a subtle quality are still difficulties. To improve indistinct quality, we proposed an upgraded procedure "An Enhanced Data Hiding Approach Using Pixel Mapping Method (PMM) With Optimal Pixel Substitution Approach " that gives a superior Peak Signal to commotion ratio (PSNR) between Cover-Image and Stegno-Image with a great implanting limit. The proposed approach depends on four modules – planning rules, set classifier technique, pixel choice strategy, and least differencing capacity to shroud information inside a picture. This strategy works by choosing a lot of pixels; map mystery information into these chose pixels as indicated by planning rules and creates new Stego pixel esteem in the wake of planning mystery message as per Minimum Pixel Difference work. This coordinated proposed approach gives greater security to mystery information as without realizing the planning rules and areas of pixels nobody could remove the mystery information. This proposed approach gives a bigger inserting limit as well as produces a worthy Steno picture quality that can be seen by natural eyes.

Keyphrases: Differencing GrayScale Image, information hiding, Pixel Mapping, pixel value, Steganography

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