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Policy Education: Reasons Why Labour Migration in Fiji is Inevitable

EasyChair Preprint no. 11943

9 pagesDate: February 4, 2024


In Fiji, labour shortages have grown far more rapidly over the decade. As the education system rises, many choose the path of migration to gain better standards and job opportunities abroad. The policy brief focuses on the impact of migration on individuals gaining adequate education and training. More often, it is seen that many choose the path of going abroad to upgrade their education further. As detailed in the National Economic Summit, many individuals from migration are moving abroad, either due to education, work, or permanent transition. This gives a massive blow to the economic progress of Fiji, as the country starts to lack skilled and educated groups of individuals to fill the gaps in labour demand. As Fiji progresses in its development stage, such shortages will doom the nation's fate in the coming years. Once the nation lacks such skilled and educated labour, it will be in a tighter position to obtain financial aid as human capital formation reduces over time.

Keyphrases: Education, Fiji, labour, Migration, Shortages

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