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Internationalization and Its Impact in Engineering Programs

EasyChair Preprint no. 233

5 pagesDate: June 6, 2018


In this Century life experience has a strong effect when it is about getting a job. It means that to have a good high education is not enough. The so-called global work market has become challenging due to the multicultural environment and the need of skills such as cultural understanding and for universities it has become on top of others another demand, which is to provide international academic experience for the students. So internationalization is now a strategic element to raise the quality of courses and as a result of some efforts raise the engineering students retention along the program. This paper has the goal to present and discusses the internationalization process of a university starting by the engineering programs that they offer. The objective is to make it more attractive and promote the double diploma in order to higher the quality of the programs.

Keyphrases: Double Diploma, Engineering course, engineering program, higher education, international cooperation, international student, multiculturality, strategic plans

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