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Methodology of Synthesis Nonlinear Mathematical Model of a Servo

EasyChair Preprint no. 11397

12 pagesDate: November 27, 2023


The object of study in the article is a miniature electromechanical servo drive (SP), the subject of study is the methods of identification and mathematical description of the SP. The following methods are used: structural modelling, Laplace transform, transfer functions, structural and parametric identification. The aim is to obtain mathematical models of SP as an executive device of mechatronic system (MS) according to the experimental data. Objectives: to develop and identify a mathematical model of SP, which can be used in the design and modelling of MC actuators. The structural representation of the SP as a closed-loop tracking system with negative feedback on the position of the output link is used. It is proposed to extend the passive and active identification of SP as an integral object to the identification of parameters of each element in the device for the subsequent formation of a mathematical model in the state parameters or in the form of structural schemes, to obtain diagnostic models.

Keyphrases: identification, mathematical model, mechatronic system, Servo-Actuators, structural scheme, time constant, Timing Characteristics, transfer function, Transmission ratio

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