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Research on the Application Method of Millimeter Wave Radar in Bridge Deflection Measurement

EasyChair Preprint no. 10600

10 pagesDate: July 20, 2023


Millimeter-wave radar is a new type of equipment that has been applied in bridge deflection health monitoring in recent years,with the advantages of all-weather, low power consumption, non-contact and high precision. In this paper, based on the background of Suzhou Wujiang East Taihu Bridge, based on theoretical analysis and optimization function construction, an error reduction method of millimeter-wave radar applied to bridges across rivers and lakes is proposed. At the same time, the experimental verification is carried out according to the bridge load experiment and health monitoring, and the comparative analysis shows that this method can effectively improve the measurement accuracy, which provides theoretical support and reference for the application of millimeter-wave radar in the health monitoring of bridges across rivers and lakes.

Keyphrases: bridge deflection, health monitoring, load test, millimeter wave radar, optimization function construction

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