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Adaptive Intelligence - catalysing an evolutionary economic transformation

EasyChair Preprint no. 2295

14 pagesDate: January 2, 2020


Adaptive Intelligence is an inherent capacity of all living systems that can assist the shift from an extractive to a sustainable economy.

The pressure of our technological and ecological footprint demands a transformation in consciousness. With the incremental impact on our prevailing economic assumptions, the shift must be from the mechanistic and linear, to an organismic and non-linear viewpoint. Autopoiesis, as self-organisation, characterises all living systems and ultimately defines adaptive intelligence. This could inform a new economic epistemology supportive of sustainable approaches such as the circular economy. Adaptive intelligence enables agile response to subtle signals indicating that conventional approaches are dysfunctional.  

By re-accessing this quality, humanity is poised to co-evolve with the technological advances of the fourth industrial revolution. Although currently compounding the effects of the Anthropocene, as human induced social and environmental pressures, adaptive intelligence will enable the reapplication of technology into an instrument of sustainable economic praxis.

It requires differentiation of ‘complicated’ and ‘complex’ situations, demands recognition of personal contribution to the problem-space, and the capacity to ‘map’ multidimensional and complex dynamics. Ultimately re-accessing adaptive intelligence includes collaborative efforts to greater creativity and the continuous integration of learnings, especially at the micro level from which the macroeconomic environment emerges.   

Keyphrases: adaptive intelligence, Consciousness, living systems, transformation

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