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Development and using of a virtual laboratory to study the graph algorithms for bachelors of software engineering

EasyChair Preprint no. 4751

10 pagesDate: December 20, 2020


The paper presents an analysis of the importance of studying algorithms in graphs, the reasons for the need to implement this project and its subsequent use. An analysis of existing analogues has been carried out, due to which a list of ad-vantages and disadvantages that have been taken into account during development has been formed. Each important algorithm was illustrated using a block diagram. Each block diagram has a detailed step-by-step description. A simple and user-friendly interface has been developed. Structure and database are developed. Im-plemented functions. The typical usage scenario is described. The choice of pro-gramming technologies is grounded. 3 software modules have been developed: web application, chat and rendering module. The web-based application of the virtual laboratory for the study of algorithms on graphs, which implements all functions based on the chosen technology, has been developed. The testing of the developed system is carried out.

Keyphrases: algorithms in graphs, data structure, graph algorithm, graph theory, minimum cost spanning tree, shortest path, Software Engineering, software product, studying graph algorithm, virtual laboratory, visualization, web application

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