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5G Mobile Technology and Spatial Analysis for 5G Rollout

EasyChair Preprint no. 11341

13 pagesDate: November 20, 2023


The 5G technologies will revolutionize the way high-bandwidth users access their phones. With 5G technology available on VOIP-enabled devices, users can expect unprecedented levels of callvolume and data transmission. The application of 5G technology spans various services such as product engineering, Documentation, and e-Transactions. As consumers become more aware of mobile phone technology, they expect to have access to advanced features in their cellular phones. As a result, leading cell phone manufacturers are constantly searching for new technological advancements to stay ahead of their competitors. For example, Apple's recent launch of the iPhone involved numerous features embedded in such a small device is truly remarkable. For 5G to be successfully implemented, it is important to use geographic information systems to access the necessary bandwidth and prevent network obstructions. Due to 5G'shigher frequencies, large data flows, and short range, even minor obstructions such as doors or rain can disrupt the network. Therefore, accurate and reliable geospatial data is crucial for implementing these networks.

Keyphrases: 5G, mobile technology, spatial analysis

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