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Theoretical Assessment and Comparative Analysis of Divergence Techniques of DC-DC Converter

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7 pagesDate: February 19, 2021


This research paper work predominantly focus on altered types of DC-DC converter, it mainly encompasses theoretical derivations and design equations of the converter.  Proceeding, DC-DC converter produces maximumproficiency. The maximum proficiency is achieved by using switched mode power converter or chopper. A large number of DC-DC converter circuit topologies are known and it is preferable for the research work.Since most of the punter loads and stowage components use DC supply, DC-DC converters attain high popularity.The converter topology may upsurge or shrinkage the output voltage or else it will result in flip-flopping polarization of output voltage. The converter will be activating at diverse frequency level to progress the accurate response of the scheme.

Keyphrases: Converter Operation, DC-DC converter, Design Equations

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