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Ethical Hacking: An Arsenal against Black Hat Hacking

EasyChair Preprint no. 3954

8 pagesDate: July 27, 2020


Cyber security is becoming a big concern with the development of technology. Black Hat Hackers are increasing rapidly. Ethical Hacking is considered one of the best approaches, but the challenge which is concerned with ethical hacking is to make sure it is done ethically. If we properly monitor and implement code of ethics to these students; with the expertise of Black Hat Hackers. They can help us securing our cyber world. Many bigger organization are making cyber teams and investing a lot of amount for their security. Most of the business owners are getting aware about the risk associated with cyber world. Current crises of COVID- 19 shows our dependability on cyber world. Black Hat Hackers are growing in numbers and brutality. If we failed to secure our cyber world within time, it may collapse due to its insecurities. With or without ethical hackers we are at the stake of risk, but they can be very effective against Black Hat Hackers.

Keyphrases: Black hat hacking, Effective Approach, Ethical Hacking, penetration testing

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