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Artificial Excellence - a New Branch of Artificial Intelligence

EasyChair Preprint no. 5715

8 pagesDate: June 4, 2021


"Artificial Excellence" is a new field which is invented in this article. Artificial Excellence is a new field which belongs to Artificial Human Optimization field. Artificial Human Optimization is a sub-field of Evolutionary Computing. Evolutionary Computing is a sub-field of Computational Intelligence. Computational Intelligence is an area of Artificial Intelligence. Hence after the publication of this article, "Artificial Excellence (AE)" will become popular as a new branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI). A new algorithm titled "Artificial Satish Gajawada and Durga Toshniwal Algorithm (ASGDTA)" is designed in this work. The definition of AE is given in this article followed by many opportunities in the new AE field. The Literature Review of Artificial Excellence field is shown after showing the definition of Artificial Intelligence. The new ASGDTA Algorithm is explained followed by Results and Conclusions.

Keyphrases: Artificial Durga Toshniwal, Artificial Excellence, Artificial Human Optimization, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Satish Gajawada, ASGDTA Algorithm, Computational Intelligence, Evolutionary Computing, particle swarm optimization algorithm, PSO algorithm

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