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A Novel Smart Health Monitoring System

EasyChair Preprint no. 5013

5 pagesDate: February 24, 2021


Internet of Things provides better medical facilities in healthcare systems. It is a fast-growing, user-friendly technology that allows everything to be connected and allows effective communication between the connected "things". IOT helps connect the people by smartly empowering their health and wealth through wearable gadgets. The proposed system communicates via network-connected devices and looks at the patient's health and records their medical information. This system will be active 24 hours and provides medical aid to the patients even within the areas with no hospitals in their regions by connecting over the web. The system acquires information about their health status via wearable devices that record their pulse and temperature. The obtained values are transferred to the cloud for easy access. The patient history will be stored in the webserver, and the doctor can access the information whenever needed from any corner of the world.

Keyphrases: Arduino Uno, Heartrate, Internet of Things, Pulse Sensor, Smart Health, ThingSpeak

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