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Life Time Enhancement of Wireless Sensor Network for Vanet

EasyChair Preprint no. 2952

5 pagesDate: March 14, 2020


In cities, the number of vehicles continuously increase faster than the available traffic systems, congestion is difficult and it became even worse in case of car accidents. This problem affects the modern society, including economic development, traffic accidents, increasing greenhouse emissions and health damages. This project proposes the implementation of On Board Unit (OBU) in the Vehiculer Ad Hoc Network (VANET) for highways and realizes vehicle to vehicle communication(V2V).The Crowd sensing based system was designed for traffic management in IoVs interactions for different sources to sense and report occurred events. A trust model is proposed to evaluate the trustworthiness of vehicles. The cluster based traffic management scheme to collect event report and upload messages co-operatively. The delay sensitive routing algorithm for event propagation based on store carry and forward transmission mode in IoV system.

Keyphrases: Cluster-based, Crowd Sensing, delay sensitive routing, IoV, store-carry-forward, Traffic Management System, trust model, VANET

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