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Regionalization of IDF Curves by Interpolating the Intensity and Adjustment Parameters: Application to Boyacá, Colombia, South America

EasyChair Preprint no. 3895

9 pagesDate: July 17, 2020


Intensity, duration and frequency (IDF) curves are necessary tools for the design and construction of hydraulic projects. However, the pluviographic records that are needed to determine IDF curves do not exist or are scarce. This research presents the regionalization of IDF curves for the department of Boyacá, Colombia, which consists of 16 towns including the provincial capital Tunja. For regionalization, adjustment parameters (U and alpha) of the IDF curve stations in the study area were used. Similar regionalization is used for the interpolation of intensities. In the case of regionalization by the parameters found for the construction of the IDF curves, estimation methods were used with the means of the ordinary moments and the maximum likelihood. Regionalization and interpolation of the data were performed with Arcgis software. Within the development of the project, we developed the best choice to provide a level of reliability, e.g., to determine which of the options and ways to regionalize was the best option. The resulting isoline maps were made in the case of the regionalization intensities, and each map is associated with a different return period and duration to build IDF curves in the studied area. In the case of the regionalization maps, the parameters associated with each individual parameter were performed last. The results show that using the data from the IDF curves is more accurate and reduces errors in the design. With the methods proposed in this study, the IDF curves can be built for any site of interest that does not have pluviometric stations.

Keyphrases: duration, frequency, Hydrology, IDF curves, IDF relationship, interpolation method, Rainfall frequency analysis, regionalization

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