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Wayfinding and Spatial Approach of Space in Historical Building

EasyChair Preprint no. 12289

71 pagesDate: February 26, 2024


Heritage embodies the continuum of our collective past, present, and future legacies, enriching our cultural and natural landscapes with irreplaceable significance. It serves as a beacon of inspiration and identity, anchoring us to our roots and guiding our journey forward (UNESCO, 2005). The journey of heritage exploration commences from the comfort of our homes, where online research offers a gateway to discover historical treasures. The documentation of these sites on digital platforms emerges as a pivotal aspect, shaping the initial connection between visitors and heritage locales. Upon arrival, seamless wayfinding mechanisms assume paramount importance, facilitating smooth navigation and enhancing the overall visitor experience. Equally crucial is the spatial arrangement within these spaces, exerting a profound influence on visitors' perceptions and engagements. Thus, a holistic approach that addresses online documentation, wayfinding efficiency, and spatial design emerges as imperative for optimizing the visitor experience at historical sites. Cultural heritage encompasses sites that epitomize human ingenuity and the harmonious integration with natural surroundings (Bleibleh, 2020). By prioritizing enhancements in identification, wayfinding, and spatial organization, heritage custodians can ensure that visitors derive maximum value and appreciation from their encounters with these significant sites. This synthesis of digital accessibility, navigational efficiency, and spatial aesthetics offers valuable insights for stakeholders dedicated to the preservation and promotion of our rich cultural heritage.

Keyphrases: identification, Spatial Approach of Space, Wayfinding

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