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Life Cycle Assessment of Lightweight Beam Concrete Made from Oil Palm Shell Coarse Aggregate

EasyChair Preprint no. 8560

5 pagesDate: August 3, 2022


Material from waste has been researched numerously as construction material for the development of sustainable construction. An example is oil palm shell (OPS) as coarse aggregate on lightweight beam concrete. Pre-treatment with hot water (50°) positively influences the compressive strength of the OPS concrete (OPSC) laboratory scale. The result of the displacement measure with an LVDT extensometer could be applied to a two-story building, achieving the requirement of the national standard. Therefore, a life cycle analysis of OPSC was presented to assess the sustainability of the concrete with cradle-to-gate boundary. The washing and drying processes of OPS were the significant contributors to the environmental burden, along with the transport distance of the other constituents increased the results. The opportune OPS manufacture contributes to environmental burdens around one-fold higher than OPSC production stages. Meanwhile, the mathematical equations of the concrete's carbonation show a small amount of carbon dioxide uptake.

Keyphrases: Carbonation, Life Cycle Assessment, Lightweight beam concrete, oil palm shell

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