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Impulse Elimination for Singular Second-Order System: Approach

EasyChair Preprint no. 5124

6 pagesDate: March 9, 2021


This paper considers approaches to partial eigenvalue assignment in second-order descriptor systems via proportional plus derivative plus output feedback controller. The impulse elimination approach by output feedback control is addressed by combining the eigenstructure and the closed-loop system’s finite eigenstructure. More precisely, based on the desired eigenstructure, the gains controller’s parametric expressions making the closed-loop system impulse-free and assigning the finite eigenstructure are formulated. The simulation results are provided to verify the effectiveness of the proposed method. This study presents an approach to partial eigenvalue assignment for the descriptor system where an algorithm is presented for calculated the output feedback matrix by the Sylvester equation. Sylvester equations present the theorems. Two algorithms are implemented using the Sylvester equation, and examples were presented with finally their conclusions.

Keyphrases: Impulse elimination, Second-order system, Sylvester equation

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