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The Role of E-Learning Standards in Education Technology

EasyChair Preprint no. 9822

7 pagesDate: March 5, 2023


This paper aims to examine the standardization of e-learning technologies and to consider potential changes in the future. In order to achieve a global standard for e-learning activities, the paper reviews existing standards, the e-learning process workflow, market needs, and trends and identifies the best path forward. The paper presents a generic model of e-learning that is not specific to any particular software or hardware solutions and focuses on key necessities such as reusability and interoperability of content and technologies. The paper also revises the current standards regarding these two aspects and provides a detailed presentation of the most popular infrastructure models. In addition, the paper references the committees and organizations involved in the standardization process. Finally, the paper provides insights into a global standard that covers all aspects of e-learning and outlines the steps required for the successful configuration and deployment of such a standard. The benefits of this approach are also highlighted.

Keyphrases: e-learning, e-learning standards, LTSA, LTSC, SCORM

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